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Support During Incarceration

We reach out to DC residents incarcerated in both DC and Federal Bureau of Prison facilities. We help them establish communication with their families and other key community members. We also assist family members and attorneys who need to find out where their loved ones and clients are incarcerated. We provide referrals for mental health care, other critical inmate services, and post-release programs. In some cases, we will retrieve and store our clients’  personal property.

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We reach out to incarcerated DC residents and help them maintain contact with their families.

Welcome Home Reentry Services

We help returning citizens rebuild their lives. To meet their immediate need to establish their identity as members of our community, we assist them with essential vital records- including birth certificates and Social Security Cards. We provide a temporary address if they don’t have a place to receive mail. We also provide clothing and toiletries for those who need them. Most of our clients come to VSC shortly after their incarceration. We welcome all DC residents who have been incarcerated to connect with us whenever they are ready.


 We provide a temporary address for returning citizens who don’t have a place to receive mail.

Case Management

VSC's case management system makes it possible for our clients to shape their future on a path to sustainability. Based on their individual case management plans, we connect them with the education, employment, health, and housing services and resources they need to move forward. 


VSC connects with DC citizens who are incarcerated in the facilities of the DC Department of Corrections, Central Treatment Facility (CTF), the Central Detention Facility (CDF), and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP), and those under CSOSA, Pre-Trial community supervision, and residing in the Halfway House (Volunteers of America in Baltimore and Fairview Women's Halfway House). VSC provides in-person onsite visits to individuals housed at Volunteers of America Halfway House and the DC Jail (CTF and CDF).

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Our case management system helps clients rebuild their lives.

VSC Mobile Reentry Services

We meet our clients where they are, in their neighborhoods and homeless encampments across the city. During our mobile outreach, we meet briefly with people who have been incarcerated and make follow-up appointments for them with our case-management team. Our community outreach also includes:

Addressing the immediate needs of the impacted population by distributing

  • Meals

  • Clothing

  • Welcome Home Backpack containing toiletries, non-perishable food, hygienic supplies, SmarTrip, socks and undergarments


VSC’s reentry services are mobile. We take them to DC neighborhoods and communities.

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