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About Us

Each season we are thrilled to welcome dedicated volunteers and interns to our VSC Family! It's a tremendous learning experience and opportunity to understand the mission and resources provided to our clients and the community. We're excited to highlight our VSC Summer 2022, Volunteers and Interns! 

Marilyne Njuraita is a recent graduate from Howard

University with a B.A. in Sociology and a double minor in

Swahili and Community Development. As a member of many

marginalized groups, she seeks to assist her community in

advancing their livelihood in every sense. She plans to use her

Bachelor's Degree to gain more experience working in the

non-profit sector before she enrolls in graduate school. She will

pursue her Master's in Social Work so that she may acquire the skills

needed to facilitate the re-entry of justice-impacted

individuals after their release.

Megan Chopra is a sophomore at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. She is interested in racial justice, social entrepreneurship, and coaching football. Her passion for Criminal Justice Reform led her to reach out to VSC for volunteer opportunities. She hopes to help Voices for a Second Chance provide personalized support and resources to those transitioning and navigating life after incarceration in DC. 

Cara Bumcrot is originally from Boston, MA, and has been living in Washington, DC for the past few years. She studied Public Policy at Vanderbilt University. She is passionate about reforming the current system of criminal justice and detention. She chose to volunteer with VSC due to their holistic approach to assisting current and formerly incarcerated people and their families. Cara believes reentry services are crucial in reducing recidivism and helping people build successful futures.


Shane McGriff, is a senior at the University of Dayton,

studying Criminal Justice Studies & Cyber Security with a

concentration in pre-law. After graduation, he plans to work

closely with the federal government as a criminal

investigator, while taking evening law courses to obtain his

JD. After obtaining his JD, he hopes to practice private

criminal law representing others who may look like him but

cannot afford proper representation. With hopes of

contributing to the betterment of the justice system.

Christian Moore is one of the summer interns here at VSC.

Hailing from Indiana, Christian is a current senior at Tiffin

University, getting ready to complete his Bachelor of

Criminal Justice in Forensic Psychology. Christian’s main goal

at VSC is assisting with outreach and community events.

After graduating, Christian hopes to do more in the field of

social work, as well as in victim services, correctional

counseling, and trauma-informed care.

Ryan Ruder was born and raised in Southern Indiana. He attended Hanover College, double majoring in International Studies and German. He graduated in May 2022 Magna Cum Laude. Ryan was also a Benjamin Templeton Scholar, a division of students that focused on promoting social justice on campus. Some of Ryan's earlier work includes organizing fundraisers for the LGBT community, diversity and equity in Greek life, and gun violence prevention advocacy. Ryan is currently part of the Fund for American Studies Summer Program, which includes his part-time work at Voices for a Second Chance. He intends to enter the legal profession and go to law school within the next few years. 

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