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To provide services that ensure successful connection of justice-involved individuals to family, community, and resources.

Our History

Our organization was founded in 1969 as Visitors’ Services Center (VSC) by a small group of passionate volunteers who saw the difficulty families experienced locating their loved ones while waiting in the D.C. Jail “visiting line.”  Once loved ones were located, VSC maintained communication with the individual and their family while incarcerated, and what started as a simple gesture of kindness was monumental for many. At its inception, VSC’s focus was to solely keep individuals connected to family and to be an extension to the “outside”, yet this gesture initiated great hope and stood for so much more.

In 2015, the organization changed its name to Voices for a Second Chance to better reflect its evolving work led for decades. VSC never wavered from its premise to build bridges with justice-involved D.C. residents during incarceration and after their release to create, maintain, and strengthen family and community ties. For the past 50 years, VSC has continued to grow in scope and work collaborating with the Washington D.C. criminal justice system and community stakeholders to provide comprehensive services to justice-involved persons serving months to years of incarceration in jail and federal institutions in effort to create positive outcomes.

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