VSC is committed to providing the best service during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please use the below forms as instructed by your case manager.


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birth certificate APPLICATION

If you are in need of recovering your birth certificate, please fill out the necessary application using the below link.

Click here to fill out the birth certificate application online.

THRIVEDC is hosting the Emergency Pantry for Returning Citizens on Friday the 22nd at Thrive DC. They are asking that folks make an appointment so they can come to get a bag and leave, no standing in line, etc. Three ways to make an appointment:

1)  Case Managers can make appointments for their clients by calling 202-503-1524 on Tuesday the 19th between 9-5.


2) Case Managers can make an appointment by calling 202-503-1524 on Tuesday 9-5 and pick up bags for their clients. 


3)  Clients can also call and make individual appointments at 202-503-1524 on Tuesday, May 19th, 9- 5 pm.

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