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 Staying on track
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Lessons in LAW


Three Years and Going Strong!

  Staying on Track is a safe space for justice-involved individuals and returning citizens to check in, share resources geared to returning citizens, and engage in conversation with peers and professionals surrounding various group topics.


    The group has created conversations centered around Healthy Relationships, Coping with Trauma, Group Counseling, and other imperative discussions to support a healthy transition post-incarceration.

    If you would like to join or receive more information on Staying on Track please contact us at (202) 544-2131 or info@vscdc.org . 

VSC 'Lessons in Law' Virtual Support Group 

Lessons in Law, a virtual open forum, will be launching soon. Here our hosts and facilitators cover practical legal topics such as setting aside convictions, reducing terms of probation and supervised release, and obtaining a re-sentencing. Please back for updates and how to join or email info@vcsdc.org .


We are excited to welcome Attorney Timothy Lyons as guest host!


Timothy Lyons is an associate in the Washington, D.C. office of Clifford Chance US LLP. As part of Clifford Chance's antitrust & competition practice, he advises clients on mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions and provides counsel to help clients comply with U.S. antitrust laws. He has also represented clients in litigation as part of the firm's pro bono practice. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and a graduate of New York University School of Law.


VSC is excited to have him a part of our team!


Lessons In Law Group Facilitator

Michael Dickerson

Lessons In Law Group Facilitator

Timothy Lyons, Esq


VSC Bridges the Gap


VSC's Welcome Home Center Reentry Services are mobile. Our Team distributes food, masks, gloves, and sanitizer. In addition, we offer floating reentry services and other imperative needs to link justice-involved community members to our services across the District, focusing on hot spots and under-resourced areas in

Wards 1, 5, 7, and 8. 

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 VSC's Welcome Home CENTER



  • Humanity, compassion, and empathy lead and inform our service model; every individual, no matter where our introduction occurs-- during incarceration or post-release--VSC welcomes them home without judgment.

  • To empower justice-involved individuals while they are incarcerated and newly-released

  • To create, maintainstrengthen family and community ties through innovative services that improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for a successful transition back to the community and reunification with family.

  • We are committed to helping people regardless of their past choices, present struggles, or future obstacles — to build the capacity and courage to change their lives.

  • We tailor our services to each individual's unique needs, risks, and strengths and sincerely believe the most effective programs are evidence-based, culturally appropriate, family-focused, and trauma-informed. 

  • We remain committed to engaging our community by leveraging partnerships and resources to maximize our clients' opportunities for success.


First Responder/Pre-Release Services 
Direct Supports in Jails/Prisons

The Welcome Home Center

Emergent and Supportive Reentry Services for Returning Citizens

Reentry/Case Management
Outreach and Direct Support 

Welcome Home Mobile Center
Community Outreach

Community of Voices
Sustainable Bridges to Actualization

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